A letter from IKKIVI takes our ZINE visitors into the thought process and inspiration behind starting our online magazine. 

As we launch our Zine, our brand is taking new steps on creating an environment to learn about the causes that we hold dear. The issue of being conscious in fashion has often been overwhelming to people. We want to change that.

Many of you visiting our zine are already friends of our brand while many of you may be first time visitors. We began as a online marketplace for sustainable brands which can be easily purchased online. Making sustainable fashion accessible has always been important to us. And with our online magazine, we wish to make information about sustainable fashion accessible too.

Our zine is a place without judgement, with strong views and openness to dialog. We see it as a safe place for everybody to learn and grow. We want to explore issues that we recognise and that are important to us, to our environment, to our mental health and to becoming better advocates of humankind.

As IKKIVI starts this journey we want to welcome all of you to be a part of it with us, to enjoy the creativity of the labels we partner with, the heartfelt interviews from leaders in this industry and beyond and to discuss the real and raw aspects of fashion and how it impacts our world, positively and negatively.
As we begin this new journey, we want you to be part of our growth, keep us accountable and hopefully learn a thing or two along the way. Thank you to all of you for being part of ours story so far, this is just the beginning.


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