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We started IKKIVI with the intention of giving the talented designers of India a space to reach a wider audience. Our designers blend the artistic cultural heritage of our land with a contemporary aesthetic, and IKKIVI showcases their work to our audience worldwide.

The movie ‘The True Cost’ made a heavy impact on us and made us take on the responsibility to not just be a platform showcasing talented designers and brands from India, but to also be vitally involved in developing and creating awareness about sustainable and ethical fashion.

Since 2015, we have been a trusted global destination for sustainably and mindfully made products that create minimal negative impact on the environment and its people. Through IKKIVI, we encourage conscious consumption, supporting and guiding people to truly understand the urgency of making this a mass choice.

We do this by telling the stories of our brands, their people, and their processes through our social media and website by expressing a connection between our products and the intention behind their design.

Through our Zine and Podcast we also create a space to have dialogue with leaders, change makers and disruptors who inspire us with their unique perspectives to live meaningful and full lives each day.

We invite you to join us as we learn about life, its pace, and the practices which make it meaningful and just.


How We Work 



Nivi Murthy is the founder and curator at IKKIVI. Her eye for design and passion for an equitable fashion industry are what led her to start IKKIVI. Along with the curation, she plays a principal role in managing operations, sales and business growth. Personally, she lives her life with intention and mindfulness, and consciously works to live a fuller life. Beautiful objects and experiences are what drive her and something she wants to share with more people through IKKIVI.


Rhea Gupte is a visual artist, photographer, writer and poet. In leading a conscious and mindful life, Rhea’s work reflects her values of creating from less and generating minimal waste through her work. As the Creative Director at IKKIVI, Rhea is responsible for leading, building, reviewing and evolving the creative aspects of the brand – including the brand's positioning, visual design and story-telling. She resides in Goa and enjoys practicing the creative process in her quiet home studio.


Passionate about sustainability, Esha Vishnoi is a serene and jovial personality.  Handling the Sales and Operations at IKKIVI, she works diligently to ensure meaningful collaborations and supports our Founder in curating a mindful collection of ethical and sustainable brands. She is a yoga practitioner, and enjoys aesthetics, cooking and binging on television series frequently. She reacts strongly to lavender and orange flavours - and one can almost always find an element of these flavours in her very being. For her, true sustainability starts at home, and with this notion, she aspires to build a community to educate individuals on slow and conscious living, particularly fashion.


Moved by the beauty and potency of language to distinctively express the human condition, Malini Mathur views language as an aesthetic intermediary of knowledge and experience. As the Writer at IKKIVI, she lends her ideas and voice for IKKIVI Zine, its brand relations, and for presenting the brand’s ethos. Eclectic in her tastes, she oscillates between pursuing philosophical inquiries, teaching, and watching any and all cartoons that have ever been made.

A graduate in painting, Vedhika H Vishu loves playing with colour and composition, and developing new ideas to make something beautiful. As a graphic designer, she loves the challenge of communicating meaning through the subtle balance(s) of image and text. Closely in touch with her emotions and sensitivities, she takes pleasure in studying psychology and understanding human behaviour, along with watching romantic comedies, cooking and practicing minimalism.