We started IKKIVI with the intention of giving the talented designers of India a space to reach a wider audience. Our designers blend the artistic cultural heritage of our land with a contemporary aesthetic, and IKKIVI showcases their work to our audience worldwide.

The movie ‘The True Cost’ made a heavy impact on us and made us take on the responsibility to not just be a platform showcasing talented designers and brands from India, but to also be vitally involved in developing and creating awareness about sustainable and ethical fashion.

Since 2015, we have been a trusted global destination for sustainably and mindfully made products that create minimal negative impact on the environment and its people. Through IKKIVI, we encourage conscious consumption, supporting and guiding people to truly understand the urgency of making this a mass choice.

We do this by telling the stories of our brands, their people, and their processes through our social media and website by expressing a connection between our products and the intention behind their design.

We are dedicated to fostering an inclusive and inviting shopping atmosphere for everyone, irrespective of their gender identity or expression. Our aim is to empower individuals to freely explore and express their unique style without limitations. Though we use traditional gender-based categorization for backend purposes, we encourage you to choose products based on your personal preferences.

Through our Zine and Podcast we also create a space to have dialogue with leaders, change makers and disruptors who inspire us with their unique perspectives to live meaningful and full lives each day. 

We invite you to join us as we learn about life, its pace, and the practices which make it meaningful and just.


How We Work 




Nivi Murthy is the founder and curator at IKKIVI. Her eye for design and passion for an equitable fashion industry are what led her to start IKKIVI. Along with the curation, she plays a principal role in managing operations, sales and business growth. Personally, she lives her life with intention and mindfulness, and consciously works to live a fuller life. Beautiful objects and experiences are what drive her and something she wants to share with more people through IKKIVI. 


Shabri Mitta has an astute and keen understanding of IKKIVI's image and values and is the perfect liaison between the brand and its global target audience. Through her influential presence and extensive network, she promotes the brand's products and fosters partnerships to enhance its global reach and visibility. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, checking out the vibrant restaurant scene in NYC, spending time with her family and jet-setting around the world in search of beautiful things to bring back home.


 A graduate in painting, Vedhika H Vishu loves playing with colour and composition, and developing new ideas to make something beautiful. As a Creative Strategist, she loves the challenge of communicating meaning through the subtle balance(s) of image and text. Closely in touch with her emotions and sensitivities, she takes pleasure in studying psychology and understanding human behaviour, along with watching romantic comedies, cooking and practicing minimalism.

Being a passionate writer and photographer and handling Communications & Partnerships at IKKIVI, Prerna Malhotra loves to express herself through her style, words, and visuals for the brand. She enjoys exploring the nuances of her craft and conveys her interpretations of everyday life artistically with her close attention to detail and keen sense of aesthetics. She’s also an avid reader and loves connecting with nature through her travels


Chaitanya has been passionate about slow and ethical fashion since her days as a fashion design graduate, and this interest led her to work with fashion that's mindful, caring and lasting. She enjoys sewing & knitting and finds joy and calm in handcrafting things for her people, from anything and everything she finds around her, it's her love language. She occasionally reads and spends quality time with her neighbourhood animal friends.