Curator's Note

Dear IKKIVI Family,

The story is only complete after I have walked with you, through our journey of curation. 

Slow fashion as a concept has evolved from a revolution to a movement which all of us can and in some way be a part of. The latest trend on the runway and in magazines reach our nearest retailer at breakneck speed, at the lowest prices. To re-design the system and slow down the process of consumption, we at IKKIVI bring relationships to each designer and every product we curate.

Our process begins with a hunt across the country for talent. We look in magazines, schools, coffee shops, markets, across digital media and keep our ears open for the most trusted word-of-mouth to find passionate young designers with a heart for our environment, a point of view of where the fashion industry should head to and of course expertise in tailoring. From then on, we have in-depth conversations with each designer about all that we hold common and ask if we both think the same - of fashion, culture and sustainability. 

It is critical to our process to understand the designer’s journey, the product’s journey and the wider impact of our curation. We therefore spend time asking each designer how their product was made, where, by whom, how long it took and why it was made. On our product page, you will find this information crafted as a story for you to know more about every piece in our shop.

We strive to recognise and empower our designers and our customers by sharing our knowledge and our unfiltered thoughts. We strive for IKKIVI to be a sanctuary away from the fast-paced world of fading trends and cut corners. 

IKKIVI will always be your portal to take a deeper breathe, to be mindful of the little things, to engage in meaningful conversations and to shop slow.

Nivi Murthy 
Curator & Founder