“In today’s world we are always bombarded with information and a society dictated way of living. Technology has stimulated us with easy access to articles, podcasts, movies and the ability to scroll through people’s lives all the time. Work fifty to sixty hour work week have become the norm and breaks are rarely taken. All of this ends up with people dealing with stress, anxiety and burnouts. The feeling of being overwhelmed by where you should be in life at different ages dictated by society is something always haunting us, until we are able to actually pull ourselves out of it and realise what is going on and be aware of what kind of choices we want to make. Slow living is different for everyone and here is my attempt at encapsulating what it means to me. I am nowhere close to living a slow life but it is something I am working towards and is a conversation I have been having for the past three years. Slow living is living with intent, it is living your life mindfully and really doing things that mean something to you. It is being conscious of your actions and its impact. It is about being fully present through every minute of your day. It is about making the choice to live the life that you would want to lead.”
— NIVI Murthy, Founder, IKKIVI




Speakers – Jane D’souzaRhea GupteSonja CoatesShveta Salve.

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Interviewer NIVI MURTHY

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