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Tuscan Sun

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Tuscan Sun Tuscan Sun Tuscan Sun Tuscan Sun Tuscan Sun

House of Clone

Tuscan Sun

Rs. 7,100



Curator's Note

Stripes of gradually graded shades of yellow run across the length of the saree, creating a beautiful summer ombre. The blouse is a subtle grey with lines of yellow, in various hues and sizes, forming checks along it's path. The blouse measures one meter long.

The Designer Story 

Sarees to me have always been the most gracefully feminine piece of clothing a woman can wear, specially why designing this capsule collection was a process I absolutely cherished. This collection is an amalgamation of our design aesthetics and philosophy, drawing inspiration from simple evening skies hoping to create sarees that awaken nostalgia.

The humble concept of She is, was a sudden thought, while going through our parents' childhood pictures, their school, and class photographs. Teachers back then, carried a style and aesthetic of their own. Wearing it everyday, they made the sarees a statement of comfort and effortless elegance.

Through She Is, we have tried to bring back the essence of those who helped shape the lives of so many.


The Fine Print 

Care Instructions: Strictly Dry Clean
Delivery: This product will be delivered in 15-30 Days 
Material: 100% Linen
Length: 5 Meters

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