Red Stone Sunburst Earrings

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  • Red Stone Sunburst Earrings


Red Stone Sunburst Earrings

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Curator's note:

Gold plated brass ear clips with synthetic red stone.

The designer story:

The word Nassarius comes from the biological name of a sea snail whose shells were strung together and worn as one of the earliest known forms of jewellery. 

Nassarius produces exclusive neckpieces, earrings, bracelets and bangles. Classic Indian concepts have been reimagined in this collection to appeal to the discerning consumer, and we strive to maintain quality while sourcing materials locally to benefit the karighar or artisan. Each piece is exquisitely handcrafted and completely unique - a one-of-a-kind design.
Nassarius has been conceptualised by Vaidehi Patel, a second generation jewellery designer based in Mumbai. This collection has multiple influences, indigenous and foreign, ancient and contemporary, whilst still harking back to the source of it all - the beauty of nature reflected in feminine adornment.

The fine print:

Size: Length 1.4" Width 1.0"
Delivery: 7-10 Days
Material: Brass
Care Instructions: Please keep all pieces in dry conditions. Store in plastic and do not expose to moisture, perfume or sweat as far as possible. Semi precious stones need to be handled with care.

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