Pallavi Kandoi

Mood of Moon Shirt Dress

  • Mood of Moon Shirt Dress
Mood of Moon Shirt Dress Mood of Moon Shirt Dress Mood of Moon Shirt Dress

Pallavi Kandoi

Mood of Moon Shirt Dress


Curator's Note

This mood of moon shirt dress is sleeveless and marble dyed. It is an asymmetric shirt dress with front opening.

The Designer's Story

Pallavi Kandoi has faith in the vocabulary created in the process of hand-crafting anything. Born in the heart of Rajasthan, Jaipur, she values the uniqueness and the uncertainty that has inspired an everlasting tradition. Her inspiration comes from this distinctiveness produced by the hands of the lesser known. The process involves exploring the capabilities of hand-made art and crafting them into garments. These garments speak about the dissimilarities, while coloring our curious imagination.

Captivated by the mundane acts of nature, she plays with colors to propagate the usual making it buoyant.

She is a fashion design graduate from Pearl academy of fashion, Jaipur. The brand interprets international aesthetics using local skills and craftsmanship. It attempts to develop insights into various textile traditions and discuss what distinguishes them, making them unique and valuable. While her roots belong to Rajasthan where one has to reach deep in the surface to quench its thirst. She strongly believes the pleasure is in seeking. For its rightly said, “...alI that you seek is seeking you."

The Fine Print

Size: Model wears a size small and is 5' 6", with bust measurement of 32"
Length: 42"
Fabric: Pure Silk 60's
Care Instructions: Dry clean
Delivery: This product will be delivered within 15 days

Please email us at if you have any questions.

Rs 6,500.00
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