The Pot Plant

Morning Khadi Maxi

  • Morning Khadi Maxi
Morning Khadi Maxi Morning Khadi Maxi

The Pot Plant

Morning Khadi Maxi


The ensemble story

100% handspun khadi stripes maxi dress

The designer story

“In the narrow lanes of chum chum gali ,on a sultry ordinary afternoon she stood in the verandah on the first floor gazing longingly at the peepal tree standing tall in the neighbor’s garden.
She wanted a tree of her own, a mango tree but they had just a small establishment with little spare space. With most of the ground floor used as the factory there was little room left. It was a bijou residence but happy one at that.
She looked away smiling and gazed at the pot in her hand and placed it in the corner, just outside the makeshift kitchen, weaving her own destiny of radiance.
The pot stood there reflective of her warmth, with the Tulsi sapling rustling fondly, all ready to evolve.”

‘The Pot Plant’ is about a hundred such stories lived and experienced by people born in the non-mechanized era. Of making ends meet and living consciously. The label represents a lifestyle of sustainable means and Eco living.
The fabrics are natural and the garments have been crafted to bring back the age-old charm of natural fabrics, great weaves and comfy clothing with heck loads of margins!

The fine print

Fabric: Khadi

Size: Model wears a size XS

Care Instructions: Dry Clean Only

Delivery: This designer takes 8-10 days to deliver


Rs 5,500.00
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