Deer Table

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Deer Table

Rs. 27,000



Curator's note

The Deer Table, named after its sleek deer like legs and minimalist look, made from bamboo, is an indissoluble combination of efficiency, stability, and elegance with its distinguishing features. 

The Deer Table is a definitive representation of the successful association between design and sustainability, proving that functionality and sustainability can often emerge from the timeless beauty of true works of art. It can be conveniently flat packed for expediency.

The designer story

Mianzi as a brand aspires to challenge themselves by fashioning products that are not only sustainable or aesthetic but individualistically revolutionary. Enthused with the concept of Hedonistic Sustainability, these bamboo products attain a competitive edge for similar products while reaping benefits for the environment, setting sustainability as a default challenge to every innovation. Coalescing various raw materials, in an attempt to bring mint perspectives to design, with technology and contemporary aesthetics, MIANZI brings forth products that are organic, fresh and alluring to the consumer. Alongside, we are developing the right product combination for the industrial conversion of bamboo as a raw material for secondary uses.

The fine print

Material: Bamboo, Brass, Stainless Steel
Delivery: 10-14 days
Dimensions: (mm) 900(L) X 600(W) X 750(H)
Weight: 9.5kg

If you have any further questions, please email us at orders@ikkivi.com

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