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Basik Plate Small- Yellow (Set of 2)

Basik Plate Small- Yellow (Set of 2)

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Envelope yourself in the warm comfort of a cozy fire on a chilly winter night, as you take a meal in your apartment. This is the joy we’ve crafted for you in our newest creation, Basik. Baked fresh in our ovens, take home this set of dinnerware to enrich your meals. Bring out the fresh, crunchy greens, reds and yellows of bell peppers against the muted earthy tones.

Find yourself pleasantly surprised by light balmy hues hidden in the fluctuating depths of balanced circular geometry. Here is a world where beauty and geometry combine harmoniously to manifest in the simplest of expressions, devoid of the clutter and excesses of modern living . We are going back to Basik.


Mired in the diversity of stories and craft in India, Rayden is a multi-disciplinary design studio founded by Parul & Mooshir Vahanvati. We are on a mission to make everyday [objects] beautiful, one extraordinary product at a time. We strive to create objects that foster unique experiences. Our work is inspired by life and it’s precious moments that we want to share with you. We hope to bring you a little joy, some smiles and lots of magic. We use the finest materials, technology and resources to fashion remarkably crafted objects. This is what places our work at the intersection of art and design.


Material: Ceramic
Delivery: 2-4 Business Days
Weight: 800 gm
Care Instructions: Hand wash with soft detergent.

If you would like a customized colour or have any further questions, please email us at orders@ikkivi.com