What is the fabric you use and where is it sourced?
The fabrics that we have so far played around with have been handwoven cottons, double ikats and cotton chanderi.
The cotton is sourced from the south of India, ikat from Andhra Pradesh and the chanderi is sourced from Madhya Pradesh.
How big is your manufacturing unit for this collection?
We are a small set up. Iyla is a passion project and we are trying to create a language in our little existence.
The FW'16 collection was produced with a team of one main master & pattern cutter and two karigars.
How many members in your team?
Our team is a tiny one of one master cutter, two karigars, one peon with the founder Shreya Anand at the helm.
Inspiration for the collection
For FW '16, Iyla takes its inspiration from all things happy. From bright hues to playful geometrics, the collection weaves it's way into the lighter side of life.
Blending circular shapes on chanderi, square grids on ikat, bold lines in handwoven cotton, we want you to enjoy putting your looks together.
While structure plays an importance in silhouette, it's the light-hearted treatment that adds a sense of ease and breeze to each look.