Stay Slow, Songbird!

Ikkivi - The slow fashion movement 

With a day as extraordinary as today, Shiela chooses simple. Flowers of rice, 5am sun, dressed free. Berry leaves are her morning nectar. Easy in her love of earth.  In peace and slow, she hopes for a songbird. And she asks that you join this Utopia for a while. Dress in life as you live it. Easy, slow and free. Every hour is a green shade of serenity. Fresh flowers, spring, and a wild shelter.
Sheila is one with the life that has chosen her. She is emboldened by her ability to make. She is secure. She is fearless. With hay in hand, she trespasses on her own comfort. She guards, she feeds, she lives. In little but sunlight, organic life, and freedom, Sheila makes her world.  Stay free in the spirit of being alive. There is fresh breath, dew and rain in corners still. It can be ours to love just as much. Embrace the beginning of it all. Embrace who you are truly are. A vibrant, bold and inspired soul. When the day is done, remember all that you are and walk on forth to a brand new day. Take your time. This is your life. Slow down.
There is time still, stay songbird, stay.